Offering a wide range of highest elevated mountains, Nepal is one of the best trekking destinations in the world with variation of culture, art and architecture. Eight of Ten highest summits in the world are within its territory, enriched with its dazzling natural landscapes gracious cultural values and an unreserved friendliness of the Nepalese people makes Nepal a “MUST TO VISIT PLACE” in world. Trekking in Nepal ranges from simple Easy paced of One day hike to numerous multi-days advance trek to high altitude crossing numerous high passes. Nepal has widest altitude ranges than any other countries in world and each altitude level has its own weather variations. 

Trekking as whole is living closest to the stars in a simple tea house with new friends, who are your family throughout the trek. Trekking as a whole, defines a beautiful adventure combining the most remarkable memories that you take along your life. Basically, it is an opportunity to live your life in a very different way in high Himalayas. As far as trekking in Nepal is concerned, most of the trekking routes takes you through pine forest and rhododendron forest (National flower of Nepal), along the white water flowing from high glaciers and culture of ethic tribes living in different part of Nepal.

Few trekking options in Nepal come with extreme challenges, but the experience is also one of its kinds. You are in for exciting and pleasurable memories of a mesmerizing view of the snow capped peaks from the highest summit over the clouds. The satisfaction on achievement after a long walk, sometimes uphill and sometimes down on rough stone trail is well worth to celebrate with the relaxing views and a calming tea at local tea house with Nepalese food and happy welcoming local faces. 

Travel Adventure Nepal provides multiple trekking options specializing in destinations within Nepal as per your interest and potential. With the experience we have had so far, we at TAN brings to you the complete packages that includes all the tiny little bits that Nepal has to offer you in the journey you have chosen. 


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