Responsible Tourism

Prosperity and positive impact rather than disharmony in a context of sustainable and ethical travel and tourism business operation with a responsible balance in development of socio economic aspect of the local people and environment is a foremost vision in assembly of Travel Adventure Nepal Firm.


Our Business is always focused on providing a Responsible contribution towards an environment, economic development of community and preservation of existing culture and values in the society. We are mindful towards the development of community within and beyond the areas we unlock during our exploration of precious ancient and historical locations. We give a careful consideration in conservation with minimum to none environmental impact. We harshly condemn an exploitation or in inflicting any harm towards any animal and their natural habitat during our exploration program and have embraced our itinerary orbiting the organic neighbourhood existed at the region of visit. Some of our steps towards achieving sustainable and become a responsible tour operator are as below:


  • Respecting the Destination and Culture
  • Understanding appropriate dress standards and respect the rules and values of Cultural Heritage Area
  • Working with Locals from Management Level to Ground Handler
  • Encouraging our Traveller to purchase from Local suppliers and use local service provider as well as supporting social enterprises, local trade, arts and crafts
  • Paying Relevant Taxes
  • Preserving the Environment comes in our first List. From Office to Trip we try to reduce the negative impacts our Operations may have on Environment. We minimize the Use of resources (Energy, Water, Waste) and reducing our Carbon emissions in our offices, on our trips and in destinations we visit. We strictly direct our staffs and group leader not to leave any waste materials unattended while camping or trekking in Himalayan region.
  • Visiting National parks is itself a Challenging and Exciting part of Trip. Here we are very much concerned on protecting the wildlife and birds home. Not disturbing them, do not leave any waste products unattended are some few important concerned we follow. And we always follow the very important Saying: - Leave Nothing but Footprints, Taking nothing but Photo. We respect the wildlife welfare hence we never include any programs in our itinerary that create the Wildlife Welfare Violence such as Elephant Back Safari.
  • We provide regular and Ongoing training in the Principles and practises of responsible travel, both to our office staff and those employed directly or indirectly around the World.
  • Finally, Our Explorer Foundation works for Community Development and Welfare. Every 8% of Income from Travel Adventure Nepal and The Explorer Australia goes to the Explorer Foundation where we carry out different program. Some of them are: -
    • Skill Development/ Training Program to Woman and Students in Rural Areas
    • Reconstruction of Infrastructure destructed by the Earthquake
    • Cleaning Campaign in Mountain Areas and National Park
    • Animals Welfare Program