White Water Rafting

Nepal’s white-water rafting is known to be one of the best water rafting activities in the world. Water flowing straight from the melting glacier above the altitude of 5,000m to 8,500 m makes the river of Nepal incredibly special in terms of both challenge and scenery, A unique rafting environment renowned for vivid colours. 

Rafting in rivers of Nepal is a perfect place for those being beginner-friendly while still fun and enough challenging for rafting experts with Grade 5 ranking.  Its not only about rafting in rivers but also enjoying the scenic view of gorges and mountains surrounded. Most of the rafting in Nepal takes place through remote areas countryside which means you will raft through untouched wilderness, exploration of most remote parts of Nepal. 

Last but not least, Rivers of Nepal flows from higher altitude of country to the plain which means the rapids are faster and further than in any other part of the world which are thrilling perfect for Rafting.  Let’s see some Rafting Destinations in Nepal. 


Upper Seti river rafting: Half an hour ride from beautiful city of Nepal- POKHARA, Upper Seti river rafting is an ideal place of adventure lover. Upper seti river rafting strikes an idyllic balance between rafting adventure and beautiful scenic view starting from base of mountains along with marvellous view of snow-capped Annapurna mountain range. 40 minutes of Class IV continuous rapids, suspension bridges and prayer flags make this rafting even more beautiful.

  • Rapid Grades: Class III- IV
  • Duration: Half Day
  • Distance: 7 km
  • Best season: September to June


Karnali River Rafting: Those looking to “take the plunge” on a rafting journey, Karnali river rafting won’t let you down. Far from the urban areas, this journey starts from the rural part of the country.  Few days rafting and you will spend some quality time here. Rafting via fantastic white water, discovering hidden water falls and evenings relaxing on roomy sandy beaches in the midst of jungle clad hillsides is going to be lifetime experience for you.  Reaching to lower altitude towards the ending point, you might witness some spectacular birdlife and wildlife including rarely sited Dolphins as well. 

  • Rapid Grades: Class IV-V
  • Duration: 10 Days
  • Distance: 180 Km
  • Best season: October to November, April to June


Sun Koshi River Rafting: The perfect balance between scenery, accessibility and challenge, Sun Koshi River Rafting is most chosen rafting destination by travellers. Flowing from the highest peak of world, MT EVEREST and Region, Sunkoshi River rafting has been rated as one of the top ten rafting adventures in world by Nat Geo. Surrounded by Steep ravines and rugged, the forested canyons and gorges is gifted with CLASS III-IV rapids. The most beautiful part of this rafting is exotic beaches, locals and culture that you experience during the trip.  

  • Rapid Grades: Class III-IV
  • Duration: 8- 10 Days
  • Distance: 270 Km
  • Best season: September to November, May to June


Marsyangdi River Tour: Marsyangdi River Rafting can be counted as nation’s remote raftable rives located in Lamjung District- The gateway to Annapurna Circuit Trek.  Marsyangdi river offers some high-quality rafting via beautiful rainforest featuring steep-walled gorges of big rocks. Rafting in this river will amazed you by beautiful rainfalls dropping over its surrounding walls with recent rainfall, plunge atmosphere to the adventure and its numbers of individual rapids adding challenge and thrills.  

  • Rapid Grades: Class IV-V
  • Duration: 2-3 Days
  • Distance: 27 Km
  • Best season: September to November, May to June


Tamur River Rafting: Tamur river rafting flowingfrom high Himalayas is considered as a real expedition with perfect mixtures of remote trek, Himalayan views, sandy beaches and action-packed Rafting. Day time beautiful rafting and night around campfire under 5 billion stars, nothing can be beautiful adventure than this.

  • Rapid Grades: Class IV
  • Duration: 11 Days
  • Distance: 120 km
  • Best season: October to November, April to May


Bhote Koshi River Rafting: Bhote Koshi river rafting offers adrenaline rush like no other rivers in Nepal. Easily accessible from Capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, Bhote koshi river offers the most stimulating and wildest experience and can be considered as an ideal for newbies and expert rafters due to variation in raft class. En-route one can experience the bungy, swinging from “THE LAST RESORT”.

  • Rapid Grades: Class III-V
  • Duration: 1-2 Days
  • Distance: 22 Km
  • Best season: September to November, April to June


Trishuli River Rafting: Trishuli Rafting is Most Popular Destination among them because of its Rapid Waves and Convenient for Traveller to Reach. Combined with Glorious View of Beautiful Forests and Surroundings, the Rafting in Trishuli River provides more fun in the Trip. The Big Bouncy Waves Striking the Rocks in the River makes the Raft more Challenging and Excitement. At the End of the Adventure, Spending the Night under 5 Billion Stars at the Bank of River in Tent along with BBQ and Campfire Party will give you Unforgettable Memory of Life.  

  • Rapid Grades: Class III
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Distance: 60 Km
  • Best season: Round the Year