NEPAL, Once is not Enough

The only country in the world which is naturally blessed for its geographical structure from the Himalayas to the lush jungles of Terai, Nepal is a landlocked country between China and India. The country of 123 ethnic groups is a peculiar tourist paradise in every sense of pleasure. The country is famous for the Himalayan range but has a number of other tourist’s attractions from rivers to wildlife sanctuaries, many different religions, and cultures, arts and architectures, and many more. The country that does not believe in tall buildings and wide ranged roads but would rather dwell in nature, offers you a wide range of destinations that are listed in the world heritage sites for the unique art and architecture these were built. The home of the 13 million Nepalese, give you the best hospitality of being in a home away from home. The ever smiling and welcoming people anyway around Nepal, would not let a travellers’ perception of one of the best travelling destination down. The art and culture of the Nepalese community can be observed during your visit to the capital of the country; Kathmandu. Apart from these, you can also visit the world heritage sites listed by UNESCO. Short hikes and treks to the famous mountains are also other attraction for the tourists. Birthplace of Lord Buddha, the wild and serene jungles of Chitwan, the adventurous Pokhara are other famous places that you can’t afford to miss while you travel to Nepal. To add more adventure to your visit, you can always be ready to raft along the high tide Rivers or even plan for a 70 m vertical drop bungy jump from bridges located above the rivers. Nepal is truly a place that covers all the various activities within a single boundary that a traveller always wishes for.


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