Travel Adventure Nepal


Travel Adventure Nepal(TAN) is an Australian based company, operating tours and treks to Nepal. We are here to help you find a perfectly planned holiday and provide you with the best travel experience and memories. We specialize in making your trip to Nepal full of adventure and relaxing at the same time. Apart from this, we are also keen to cater ideas on the preservation of the environment around the region and also focus on its sustainability. Hence, we are established with a purpose to create a platform to reach a wider audience around the globe with the vision to promote Nepal Tourism and also to substantiate the standards to be a responsible tourism company.


Travelling is a life balancing endeavour. Recharging your body through breaks is easy but we are here to help you recharge your soul by taking you places like the Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp and so on, rejuvenating your senses before you head back to your daily lifestyle.


Further, we are focused on providing good service through a handful of destinations from the country of Himalayas. Hence, we make sure that our travellers are guided with the most flexible schedules and tours. We are here to prove ourselves as the most inspiring and best companion to our travellers while we prioritize and keep up with our service excellence and functionality.


Our main motive is to travel to achieve a real-life experience in Nepal. An Independent Australian Based Travel Agency, Travel Adventure Nepal Pty Ltd is operating treks and tours in Nepal since 2017. The company started as a fantasy of three mates to promote Nepal's tourism in Australia- TRAVEL ADVENTURE NEPAL. The name says everything, travel Nepal for best adventurous and outrageous activities. Our main purpose is to promote Nepal and its beauty rather than just making good business. Hence, we are established with a purpose to provide a platform where we can reach a wider audience around the globe with the vision to promote Nepal Tourism and also following the standards to be a responsible tourism company.


Providing quality service is our main priority but moreover, we are also concerned with the safety of our travellers. Nepal, although is the best place to visit, at the same time it has also been categorised as a risky place to travel, because of its nature. No one can play with Nature. But we do prepare us and the travellers for every challenge that might occur. We are locals and we know how to deal in all kind of situation. And be assured, we are not just here to do the business, but also to lead the whole country.


As we believe in providing our travellers with the best travel experience, we offer the best and experienced travel guides. TAN has the best team of more than 20 years experienced travel guides with their wealth being their knowledge in trekking and expedition and are here to give you the finest travel and tour experience to Nepal. Apart from this, we also use local resources to execute the program where possible and keep empowering people at local levels to help in the country’s development.


Our travel experience to every corner of Nepal will guide you, which will prove to be the best travel experience. From the ground handling team to officer level staff, all the team members of Travel Adventure Nepal are expertise in travel. As we were born and raised in this country, we value every single aspect that provides our travellers with more information and realistic moment during the travel. Moreover, we are always focused on helping our travellers to discover real Nepal.