Wildlife Safari in Nepal


Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of natural resources. Nature has blessed Nepal with high Himalayas, glaciers and flora and fauna as well. Nepal is home for many endangered species of animals and birds such as great One Horn Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Giant wild elephants, Snow Leopard and many more. During the Rana regime, Nepal’s lowland forest area was the favourite destination of royal families for hunting animals for luxury and entertainment. But now hunting has made banned in Nepal and Nepal’s government has strong law for illegal poaching of animals and birds.

Most travellers to Nepal think Nepal as the place for trekking in the Himalaya, but there’s an entirely different landscape to explore in the south of Nepal. Nepal altogether consists of 12 national parks with 2 wildlife reserve and 1 hunting reserve. Among them, Chitwan national park and Bardia national park is the famous national park of Nepal. The right time to visit these places is from March to April. Ready for extreme adventure, grab your camera and hop in.


The first national park of Nepal established in 1973 and is the home for great one horn rhino (endangered species) and the Royal Bengal tiger (endangered species). Chitwan national park was listed in the world heritage in the year 1984 AD. After the end of Rana regime in Nepal, Chitwan national park was declared as a protected area and started Nepal army has been providing protection of this area and its endangered species that were in the stage of extinction. Just only 10 years ago, the number of rhino was decreased to 210 from 800 because of illegal poaching but thankfully after the harsher penalties and security upgrade in the area, the number has now increased to 610. Chitwan national park provides different activities for travellers to explore the flora and fauna in their natural habitat. Some of them are as below:

    • Jeep Safari:- The Best way to Explore the Wildlife in their Natural Habitat is the Jeep Safari. It is the safest way to explore the jungle without harassing the natural habitat of the national park.
    • Canoeing:- This is a must to do activity while in Chitwan national park. It is an excellent chance to spot waterbirds and crocodiles.
    • Jungle Walk:- Jungle walk in Chitwan National park is one of the thrilling experiences, with no motorized transportation or fixed route. You could explore much more as you go deeper into the woods. It is mandatory to have a guide with you for this activity. You will walk in the bank of Rapti River but not too close to the river which is the home of crocodiles. You will also see a pond where rhinos take bath. You can spot numerous deer and peacocks.
    • Tower Night:- Better Place to spend the night in Jungle. Under 5 billion stars in dark jungle, experience the real jungle life.
    • Royal Bengal Tiger:- the King of the Jungle, Royal Bengal Tiger loves Chitwan national park because of its floodplain habitat. A very unique stripe identity is its gift but at the same time, less age spam is its drawbacks. However, Chitwan has the highest populations of Bengal tigers in the world, with around 122 roaming in the area.
    • Elephant Breeding Centre:- the 1 out of 4 Elephant Breeding Centre, Elephant Breeding Centre in Nepal is one of the most successful of its kind. Training the Baby The elephant in between 2-4 age, watching them playing with its mother is never to miss the moment


Bardiya National Park was established in 1988 and has been listed as a conserved area also known as Royal Bardiya National Park. With an area of 968 square kilometres, it is the largest wildlife area in the Terai region of Nepal. nearly 70% of the park is covered with forest, which comprises 839 species of flora. The forest is also a habitat for 642 faunal species, which includes 125 recorded species of fish, mugger crocodiles, 23 reptiles and amphibians. Similarly, this is a home to 53 mammals and 407 species of birds.

  • Jungle Safari:- In this national park, you are offered a deep safari that will take you deeper into the woods where there are high chances of spotting tigers. It is a good experience to watch the wildlife where you roam about and enjoy all the magnificent creature.
  • Karnali River Rafting:- If you are an adventurous person, you can enjoy the rafting in Karnali rivers, with fantastic gorges, secluded beaches and canyons. This is also a good spot for those who love fishing. If you are lucky enough, you might also see some dolphins while rafting.
  • Half-Day Trek:- There is a half day trek to overnight excursions. But with the full day treks, you have high chances of spotting wildlife. The trek should be accompanied by the guide, who will guide you to explore the area and its beauty.
  • Crocodile Breeding Centre & Rhino Centre:- There is a small breeding centre for crocodiles as well as turtles. This is an excellent place to learn about the development and lifespan of crocodiles.
  • Tharu Cultural Museum:- If you want to know the Nepalese culture, you can visit the Tharu cultural museum. Tharu people comprises of around 6.6% of Nepalese people and are an ethnic group indigenous to the southern foothills of the Himalayas. The study of this ethnic group can be fascinating because still this date their lifestyle is a living history and they live through their traditional practice and culture.