How the Nepali Alcoholic Beverage Chyang Is Made?

First time I had my first sip of this Newari alcoholic beverage was when I attended one of the traditional Newari function and I m certain I was still below my legal age limit, hardly grade 8 student. I could still taste that milky sweet flavor from that first experience. I might had 2 small bowl of that drink w the dinner. As an ethnic Newar from the Kathmandu valley you will encounter this traditional drink Chyang at very early age. It is a staple and compulsory alcoholic beverages for any festival or any God worshiping occasions. 

There Is a Nepalese Festival Dedicated To Thanking Dogs on "Kukur Tihar"

Hindu Nepalese festival has given a very important message to the rest of the human kind by separating a day for his best friend. The five days long celebration is a festival of light "tihar" has each day of the festival dedicated to different animal...

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