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Canyoning or Canyoneering is one of the extreme outdoor sports which include different techniques like abseiling, climbing, jumping, diving, and swimming. Climbing and abseiling is done with the help of a rope and harness. This Activity usually takes place in Remote and Rugged Places and Often requires Route finding, Navigational and Other Wilderness Travel Skills.

Canyoning is the Most Adventurous Activities in Nepal. Rock Slides, Jumping Pools and Many Waterfalls in the Natural Water Park at Jalbire Canyon will provide you the Extreme Adventure in lifetime. After the Extreme Adventure, give the Perfect Break to yourself with the Moment of Overnight Camping and BBQ.

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110 Km Drive from Kathmandu City, the Unique Canyoning Spot is located in Between the Highway of Kathmandu and Pokhara on the Way to Chitwan. Getting to the Point is Easily Accessible. Tourist Bus will take around 5 hrs to reach the Point where the Private Vehicles takes 3 hrs. On reaching to the Destination, we then walk for about 20 Minutes to top where the Longest Waterfall of Nepal is waiting with some Challenging Adventure which is named as LAMO JHARANA (LONG WATERFALL). It is about 95 meter High with 5 more Waterfalls around it which are about 20-40 Meters High. Depending on Water Level, Our Experienced Guide will lead you Abseiling, Sliding, Jumping and Swimming Down Steep Canyon Walls to Pool (Natural) below. Along with Guidance our leader will suit you up with the Canyoning Gears i.e. Harness, Safety Helmet and Wet Suits. All after this we are set up for the Extreme Adventure where we spend around 4 to 5 Hrs and End up the Trip with the Great Buffet Lunch prepared by Our Lovely Local Chef. After the Completion of Trip, you will be transferred to our Tent Camp where our Team Member awaits you to provide happy Moment of Campfire and BBQ. 

We start our Morning with the Small Hike around the Villages with the Fresh Mountain Air refreshing your Soul and Body. Breakfast is served back to the Camp. After Breakfast, We depart for Kathmandu and you will be transferred to the Hotel.