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Ideal Way to Explore the Beauty of Himalayas in Nepal is the Mountain Flights without Spending more Time and Energy. The Mountain Flight from Kathmandu presents breathtaking panoramic Views of the Best Himalayan Ranges in Nepal. Make your Best moment of Life catching the live moment of Mesmerizing Mountains without making effort of Trekking to the Top. All Mountain Flights are Operated Daily Early in Morning from Kathmandu Airport flying at an Average Elevation of 6,500m- 7,000m. The 18 Seaters Jet will provide the Individual Window Seat to Each Passenger so that you can enjoy the Stunning Views of Mountains.

Trip Itinerary

The Mountain Flights Starts Very Early Morning from Kathmandu Airport. Be Ready Early in Morning as Your Guide will be Knocking your Door very Early and will depart together to Airport.  The 18 Seaters Plane are Stand by on Terminal to Offer you the Majestic Views of High Mountains including Mt Everest.  Enjoy your 1 Hour Long Scenic Flights with Live Narration Provided On-Board by the Pilot about the Names and Spiritual Significance of the Various Summits. 

 Departing Kathmandu Airport towards East Direction, One will soon come upon the Sight of Panoramic Mountain Ranges. The Flight takes you up as Close as to where you can View the Snowy Peaks from your Prime Viewing Window and also Within Camera Range of some of the Highest Summits of World.

The first Summit the Plane will Across is Gosaithan, also Call Shishapangma,which towers 26,290 feet (8,013 meters) above sea level. To its immediate right lies a snowy mountain that looks like the number 8 lying down. To further right, Phurbi- Ghyachu looms over the  Kathmandu Valley.

As the Plane flies further east, the Mountains appears even closer. You will then see Choba Bhamare, the Smallest Summit  in the group at 19,465feet(5,933 meters). The next Submit you’ll come across is the visually and spiritually prominent, Gauri Shankar. It is believed that Lord Shiva and his consort Gauri protect this mountain.

As the plane moves along, you’ll be followed by the succession of glorious mountain ridges. You’ll come across Melungtse, a plateau-like mountain that stretches up to 7,023 meters, as the highest of the Rolwaling Himal. While Chugimago at 6,297 meters which still waits to be climbed. Next are the astounding Numbur and Karyolung, whose snowy slopes gleams with the rising sun. Up next, at the height of 26,906 feet(8,201 meters), is the world’s sixth highest mountain Cho Oyu.

Further, you’ll be flying across Gyanchung Kang at 7,952 meters, considered extremely difficult to climb. To its right is Pumori with a height of 7,161 meters and Nuptse at 7,855 meters which mean the West Peak, signifying its direction from Mt Everest. Your final destination will be the Mt Everest at an amazing height of 29,029 feet (8,848 meters). This is when you’ll be literally be at the"TOP OF THE WORLD".

After this one-hour breathtaking flight over the Himalayas, you will be returned to Airport and will drive back to the Hotel.