Things to do in Chitwan National Park

  • 18 Jun 2019
  • By Travel Adventure Nepal
Things to do in Chitwan National Park

The First National Park in Nepal, Established in the year of 1973 A.D is situated in South Central Part of Nepal. The weather is fertile with Sub Tropical climate, the Lowlands of the Inner Terai touching Chitwan, Makwanpur, Parsa and Nawalparasi Distrcits. This national park is at 110m to 850m above Sea Level and is nurtured by the Rapti and Narayani River in the North at Parsa Wildlife Reserve in the East and Madi Settlements and India Border in the South.  

Chitwan National Park was listed in World Heritage Sites in 1984 A.d and is the home for Great One Horn Rhino and Royal Bengal Tiger (Endangered Species) along with other Flora and Fauna.  The Chitwan National Park is characterized by Tropical and Subtropical forests. Roughly 70 Percentage of Park Vegetative Cover is SAL ( Shorea Robusta) forest, a Moist Deciduous Vegetation Type of the Terai Region. The Remaining Vegetation types include Grassland, Riverina Forest and SAL with Chir Pine (PINUS ROXBURGHII).   

The total of 68 Species of Mammals Shares home together in this Park with 56 Species of Herpeto Fauna and 544 Species of Birds including 22 Globally Threatened Species of Birds with Critically Endangered Species Bengal Florican, Slender-Billed Vulture, White-Rumped Vulture and Red-Headed Vulture.

Jeep Safari:

Jeep safari in Chitwan National Park is an Exhilarating experience with heart stopping encounter with its wildlife. Chitwan national park has covered the areas of 932sq km and the jeep safari is the best way to explore the park. Jeep safari in Chitwan national park is categorised in 2 systems- Whole Day Jeep Safari and Half Day Jeep Safari.  Half Day jeep safari has 2 runs in a day- Early Morning pick up and the Afternoon pick up. Half day safari covers the areas from sauraha to kasara- headquarter of Chitwan national park where one can visit Crocodile Breeding Farm with dense forest drive alongside the  lakes and through the dense grassland. Whole Day safari covers the areas from Sauraha to Tiger tops Hotel- The first inside park hotel of Nepal with Pack lunch in middle of Jungle. Jeep safari in Chitwan National Park is the best way to encounter with many endangered animals with adequate safety measures.

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Tiger Spotted at Chitwan National Park

Jungle Walk: 

A fanatic’s adventure that is characterized with in high risk exploration, walk in the park but its no faint heart’s game and definitely is a adrenaline filled adventure with possibilities of encountering Great One Horn Rhino, Tigers and Sloth bear in front of you. There is a strict requirement of 2 guides per tourist for this activity in National Park. 

One Horned Rhino Chilling over its Place


Canoe in the Rapti River is the best way to Encounter with Reptiles and Amphibian found in the River. Here you will get the Sight of 2 Rare Species of Crocodile- THE MARSH MAGGER AND GHARIYAL CROCODILE. Crocodile are the family of Alligator but are not Alligator. The Marsh Mugger is the Bigger Species of Crocodile that Hunts Fishes in the water and thirsty Deer on the land, The Ghariyal Crocodile on other hand are the Last Species alive with in Dinosaur’s family which has palate for Fish only. Chitwan National Park has renowned its status in world by Preserving and breeding the Ghariyal Crocodile in exemplary Ratio. 

Crocodiles Sun Busking


Tower Night: 

Tower night in Chitwan national park is the attraction of this area. Staying overnight in a concrete tower inside the park located in the middle of grassland is an adventurous activities. You will have a front row seat watching deer and boars grazing in the night and sometimes Great One Horn Rhino as well and furthermore, if you are patience, you might encounter with Royal Bengal Tiger as these predators are very active at midnight and after.

Elephant Breeding Centre: 

Elephant Breeding Centre in the National park has become the most successful centre in world with history written for breeding healthy twin baby elephant for the first time in World. Here, you can see how elephants are fed, trained by Mahout. If you are lucky you will also get to see Wild ELEPHANT named “RONALDO” which usually visit Breeding Centre for mating. As on record, there are 6 elephant babies of RONALDO in this centre. This breeding centre has also implement Chain Free program where elephants are free to walk around within the Boundary. 


Baby Elephant in Breeding Centre


Tharu Culture Program: 

The Cultural Dance program of Ethnic local people of Chitwan named as THARU is what you must experience during your Chitwan stay. This program is usually organised in Cultural house where you can see fire dance, peacock dance, aboriginal tharu dance with the nights ending up with guest dancing on Stage.

Inhabitats of People in Tharu Community

Gharial Breeding Centre: 

Located in centre of Chitwan National Park at KASARA, this breeding centre is most successful crocodile breeding farm in the world. Established in 1978, this farm targeted to protect the natural egg laying sites of gharials to hatch eggs in artificial conditions; and raise them till they can self sustain in the wild and released into rivers.  1,246 gharials were released in different rivers of Nepal in between 1981-2017 which has significantly contributed in multiplying its population, which was once  nearly an extinct reptiles. The farm a visiting location for all those visitors entering the park via Jeep or Walk. 

Gharials in Chitwan, Nepal


Wildlife Museum: 

Located next to National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC), this museum displays wildlife and birds native to the Chitwan National Park and other preservation parks in Nepal. This Museum is dedicated to increase knowledge and appreciation of the diverse wildlife of Nepal as well as explaining the role of wildlife management and Conversation.

Government Elephant Centre: 

This Elephant Centre is monitored and looked by Government of Nepal where most of the Male Elephant are kept. Those male elephants are usually taken to park for government and NGO’s INGO’s work just like Rhino Census, Tiger Counting and research. Its free entrance to Visit this centre and you can enjoy the small community of people working here.

Elephants in Nepal


Sunset View Point: 

After visiting Government Elephant Centre, you can take a short walk into this small forest opposite of Centre near Rapti River. The Sunset can be viewed best from the bank of Rapti river. Here you can take a chilled beer and enjoy the view and greet other tourist crossing the river from end completing  Jeep safari and Jungle Walk.

Beautiful Sunset View Point in Chitwan


Activities with Elephant: 

To reduce the practise of Elephant Back safari torturing Elephants, many hotels and agents in Nepal are removing this service from their Itineraries. Playing with elephants, painting elephants body, understanding their lifestyle and living practise, walking with elephants and bathing are some alternate activities to replace Elephant Back Safari. 

Playtime with Elephants


Bird Watching: 

Chitwan National Park provides a wonderful opportunity to sight a wide variety of birds where 485 species of birds were recorded including many lodging and migratory birds. It is better to use guide for bird watching as the chance to view different species of birds increases with experienced guide in team. An early morning walk through the bush and along the rapti river is a must go to view many exotic birds including the Giant Hornbill, Lesser Florican and Paradise flycatcher. 

Bird Watching in Chitwan


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