There Is a Nepalese Festival Dedicated To Thanking Dogs on "Kukur Tihar"

  • 23 Nov 2018
  • By Travel Adventure Nepal
There Is a Nepalese Festival Dedicated To Thanking Dogs on

Hindu Nepalese festival has given a very important message to the rest of the human kind by separating a day for his best friend. The five days long celebration is a festival of light "Tihar" has each day of the festival dedicated to different animals like crows, dogs, oxen, and cows. The second day signify the day we tribute to the dog whether homeless or pets, are worshipped, honoured and recognized.

On this day all the pups and the stray dogs gets adorned and worshipped with the "Tika"- a red marking on the forehead and are garlanded. The “tika” is made up of red dye, yogurt and rice is applied on the forehead. The respect is in return for their loyalty toward humankind and for their honest service for protecting them against bad deeds, looking after their possessions being their guardian and friend.

What Makes Dog Festival ("Kukur Tihar") Worth?

While countless dogs and puppies are abused and tortured in its neighboring countries India and China, Nepal holds up a worthy example for everyone to follow by celebrating day for the dog. Dogs have always been with us, serving quietly without any complain, their homelessness issue are caused by the human settlements and urbanization causing disturbance in their natural habitat.

The human has to give back at least the respect dog deserve and It is certainly the time we give them their due. Dogs dont ask for garlands or the lavish celebrations but just a little pat on their head, a little food, a kindness they deserve.


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