How the Nepali Alcoholic Beverage Chyang Is Made? "Nepali Rice Water"

  • 23 Nov 2018
  • By Travel Adventure Nepal
How the Nepali Alcoholic Beverage Chyang Is Made?

First time I had my first sip of this Newari alcoholic beverage was when I attended one of the traditional Newari function and I m certain I was still below my legal age limit, hardly grade 8 student. I could still taste that milky sweet flavor from that first experience. I might had 2 small bowl of that drink w the dinner. As an ethnic Newar from the Kathmandu valley you will encounter this traditional drink Chyang at very early age. It is a staple and compulsory alcoholic beverages for any festival or any God worshiping occasions.

How This Rice Water Is Made?

Chyang is mainly a white liquid extraction from the fermented white rice so it can somehow can be called rice wine also. The fermentation process take around 3-4 days in the summer time and around 10 days in winter. To intensify the taste and the alcohol percentage of the drink, it is left to ferment for few more days longer. This drink carries an important significance during any festivals, gathering, offering for the God in Puja etc and it is offered to all the member of the family even just for a taste to complete the adoration to the God.

As I started growing older, the preference shifted towards getting that bitter after taste which exerts more depth in flavor than that of its counterpart. Expert rice wine maker can identify the flavor with the smell they produce in the process. It has always been known that this beverage will provide power to complete that unfinished job a potent drink by the older generation.


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