Day Tours

The safest destination for a traveller with an ethical and lingual diversity is what you experience by planning to visit Nepal. As you plan and make a list of places you wish to travel, Nepal is one place you would never want to miss. As far as travelling is concerned, it is a fun way of learning and broadening your knowledge with experience about the place you are heading to. So, what better place than Nepal could you get, to learn about 123 ethnic groups, different culture, the traditions, different festivals and the geographical structure of the country. 

Nepal apart from being famous for it’s trekking destinations, has a lot more to offer to you in day tours too. Nepal has a wide range of travelling experience to offer for travellers with different interests. From adventurous trekking, wildlife safari to visiting places that carry traditional values, every activity that a traveller wants to experience can be accomplished in a single visit to a single destination. In addition, you will find people in each and every single lane greeting you with smile and offering you the best possible hospitality.

We at TAN make sure you have a great time while your stay in Nepal through our various offered packages and as per your interest. We will be providing you with significant Day tours throughout the country with other more services complimenting your trip to make it hassle free. We offer you the best of services and make sure you have a lifetime experience travelling to Nepal. 

Choose us and make sure you are offered wide range of fun filled trip experiencing Nepal in the most beautiful and different way.


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